Philosophy and values

We are a German School Abroad recognized by the German Federal Government, which is also part of the IB-World School Organization.

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Our goal is to make the world more understandable to our students and to offer them a trilingual education with Spanish, German and English.


In addition to the teaching languages Spanish and German, English is taught as a third language. German is taught from kindergarten and is reinforced throughout the school career.
German classes prepare students to take various German language diplomas. Spanish as a language of instruction and English as second foreign language are also taught at a very high level. Graduating from the German School Managua opens up various study options for graduates in Germany and around the world.


The school promotes independent, creative, and inquiry-based learning. The school applies modern, open teaching concepts that promote the acquisition of broad competencies among students.
Differentiated learning groups are formed to promote language learning. The school also offers a program of psychological support for students with special needs (inclusion).
The mandatory in-service training for teachers, the interdisciplinary projects and jointly planned lessons help to achieve a comparative and transparent evaluation.

Learning Environment

The school is located on a wide, well-kept area with a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. The infrastructure meets the requirements for optimal functioning with over 900 students and provides sufficient space for sports activities and leisure.


The school community actively participates in the continuous process of teaching democratic and humanistic values. The goal is for young people to develop the ability to fulfill their duties and claim their rights, as well as to advocate for equal rights for people as adults in their professional lives without discriminating on the basis of origin, ethnicity, skin color, gender, and political, religious, or social affiliation.
Social and environmental awareness are also promoted.

Administration and Staff

Responsible for the functioning of the school is its management and administration. The academic staff advises and accompanies the teaching processes such as the integral support of the students in cooperation with the parents. For this purpose, the staff is continuously trained.

Vision and mission the German School Managua

The trilingual and bicultural education of the students is the central focus of the Colegio Alemán Nicaragüense. School life is marked by Nicaraguan and German culture.

The Colegio Alemán Nicaragüense is a trilingual educational institution, in which students from diverse social and cultural backgrounds are educated in tolerance and mutual respect. Nevertheless, the school fosters a linguistic, emotional and substantive relationship with Germany.

Living together in the school community is characterized by respect for each other's culture, a sense of responsibility towards other people and the environment. In addition to teaching and the transmission of extensive knowledge and work techniques, musical education and sports occupy a prominent place.
The level of education is equivalent to German standards, the diplomas of the Colegio Alemán Nicaragüense open the doors to universities in Germany and the world.
Germany and the world.
The Kindergarten is an integral part of the school and prepares the children adequately for their entry into elementary school. Learning the German language at an early age is a prerequisite for this.
The teaching in primary and secondary school is characterized by the use of modern teaching methods, group work, individualized attention according to the different abilities of the students, as well as the inclusion of students with special needs.
Colegio Alemán Nicaragüense as a company represents high international standards and is recognized as one of the best schools in Nicaragua due to its modern and functional infrastructure, well qualified, motivated and committed staff.


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Km 10.5 Carretera Sur, 800m west , Managua, Nicaragua

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Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM


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