Secondary School

Secondary education focuses on strengthening multilingual competencies, promoting sound and future-oriented learning, and fostering students' creative abilities.

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Learning in Secondary School - the road to the GIB

At this level, students acquire skills to work with goals and results, assuming responsibility for their own learning process. In addition, discovery-based learning contributes to the development of communication and social skills, playing a fundamental role in personal growth. These competencies are crucial to achieve the GIB, in addition to meeting the requirements of the National Baccalaureate.

The final objective of the Secondary School is the completion of the International Baccalaureate in Mixed Languages (GIB). This baccalaureate is recognized worldwide as a university entrance qualification. The GIB prepares our students in the best possible way for a successful professional career in Germany and the world. 

For this purpose, additional subjects are introduced in secondary school: 

  • Starting in 7th grade: Art and Physics, taught in German. 
  • From 8th grade onwards: European History taught in German. 
  • From 9th grade onwards: Biology taught in German.

The improvement of language skills in German as a foreign language (DaF) and in specialized language teaching (DfU) in German is measured in the central exams, the IVA A2 comparative exam in 7th grade, the German Language Diploma (DSD I in 9th grade and DSD Il in 11th grade). The DSD II - in addition to the GIB certificate - is recognized by German universities and preparatory courses as proof of language proficiency for foreign applicants.

The German School is on the road to digital learning. All classrooms are equipped with intelligent projectors and LAN/WLAN. With our media concept we have defined the way for our students to become independent learners until they graduate from GIB. We use digital platforms for individual learning, for example, in DaF and DfU through the vocabulary program "Quizlet", and reinforce this further in 11th and 12th grade through the GIB-specific platform "Kognity", which provides tailor-made exercises for our students in preparation for the GIB. But we are not only continuously improving digitally and in the German language. Through our in-house IPAL training program, up to ten local teachers receive trainings once a week for a year by three "classroom trainers". The program combines seminar attendance with supervision of the teachers in the classroom by the trainers, so that the theoretical content covered in the seminar is put into practice in the classroom.


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