Elementary School

Starting school is a special day. That's why we make a point of ensuring that it remains a lasting memory for the children. Following the German tradition, the children are greeted with a school cone during a welcome ceremony.

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Elementary School

The first day of school is special with the tradition of the school cone, marking the beginning of six years of elementary education focused on reading, writing and social skills.

From that day on, the journey through the 6 years of elementary school begins. Most of the children come from our kindergarten. Once in school, they begin learning to read and write after being taught the precursor skills in kindergarten. We thus initiate learning processes that pick up the children in their developmental process. With consideration for the children's attention spans, we link movement, sensory perception and cognition. In doing so, we promote social, technical and methodical competencies and accompany the children on their way to independence. Special emphasis is placed on the German language. 

From the beginning the subjects:

  • German as a foreign language/ German as a native language. 
  • German is fun 
  • Mathematics 
  • Music 
  • Werkstatt are taught (partially) in German.

Beginning in 3rd grade, art and computer science are then added in German. 

It is well known that people learn better when they are enthusiastic about what they are doing. Through our methods in the classroom and the celebration of German and Nicaraguan festivals such as "I can read", Easter, the Fiestas Patrias (national holiday), Carnival, Saint Martin, through excursions and group activities, the motivation to learn should be increased, and the school should become a place where cultures meet.


  • Inclusion 
  • Playful, rhythmic learning 
  • Workshop as a subject for learning to learn 
  • Learning groups in German 6th grade 
  • Focus on school life together

German Language Subjects

  • German as a foreign language 
  • German as mother tongue 
  • German is fun 
  • Music 
  • Arts and crafts 
  • Computer science 
  • Workshop (partially)

Spanish Language Subjects

  • Language and literature
  • Natural history
  • Social studies
  • Coexistence and civics Women's rights and dignity
  • Theater
  • Sport
  • Workshop (partial)


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Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM


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